The Alexforbes ArchAngel crew finished the race in 3rd place on 27 January 2023










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Alexforbes was proud to sponsor the Alexforbes ArchAngel crew which took part in the 2023 Cape2Rio Yacht Race. The team comprised of members from the Royal Cape Yacht Club (RCYC) Sailing Academy and took to the seas in early 2023 to participate in one of the most iconic global yacht races across the Atlantic Ocean.

About the Royal Cape Yacht Club Sailing Academy

The RCYC Sailing Academy’s purpose is to expose youth from marginalised communities to the sport of sailing and to help them develop careers in the maritime industry. The Academy has touched the lives of hundreds of young people, with the 6-person crew of the Alexforbes ArchAngel acting as a symbol of hope for more to follow. The RCYC uses sailing as a means to challenge inequality, poverty and marginalisation – which aligns strongly with Alexforbes’s values.


What is the Cape2Rio Yacht Race?

The cross-Atlantic yacht race has a rich heritage, first taking place in 1971. It is the premier continent-to-continent race in the Southern Hemisphere and is keenly watched by seacraft fans around the world.

In its history, various ports have been used including some outside of Brazil in neighbouring South American countries. The 2023 race will be 3300 nautical miles, starting in Table Bay, Cape Town and ending in Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro.

Similar to other high-endurance races, teams are required to have completed qualifying events. The race is open to a wide variety of yachts and crew sizes, ranging from two-person teams all the way up to large 15-person teams.

The Cape2Rio is considered a true test of Seamanship – as it tests both crew competence and their ability to navigate a wide range of weather conditions.

News & updates

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Huge congratulations to the #AlexforbesArchAngel team for accomplishing an incredible feat. From Cape2Rio in 24 days, this team is an inspiration. Well done to Skipper Sibusiso Sizatu - you and your team have made South Africa proud. 

Thanks to the alexforbesofficial team and the rcycsailingacademy for inviting us on this incredible journey.
It’s out there at sea that you are really yourself.
-Vito Dumas, 1900–1965, Argentine sailor

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The inspirational story of the Alexforbes ArchAngel will be shared on Carte Blanche this Sunday, 07 May at 19:00 CAT. The crew will recount their experiences in the iconic Cape2Rio and what claiming a podium finish meant to them. 

Be sure to tune in!

Six young and passionate sailors will be making history by participating in the iconic Cape2Rio yacht race on the alexforbesofficial  ArchAngel. 

Visit and send the team a “Message in a Bottle” of hope & support ahead of the big race day. #alexforbesarchangel #cape2rio #ExpressoShow
While the young and hopeful alexforbesofficial ArchAngel team prepare for the 2023 Cape2Rio race across the South Atlantic Ocean; we thought it would be inspiring to spend a day in the life with the crew! ⛵️ 

Would you ever try something like this? Track the team race live at #alexforbesarchangel #ExpressoShow
Well done to alexforbesofficial ArchAngel crew, Skipper Sibusiso Sizatu & only female Crew Member,  Azile Arosi for finishing the 50th #Cape2Rio yacht race⛵️They're here to share about their 3300 nautical mile ocean crossing from Cape Town to Guanabara Bay #ExpressoShow #AlexforbesArchAngel
Media Statement
27 December 2022

Message of support from the Minister Nathi Mthethwa to the Alexforbes ArchAngel Crew

The process of transformation of our country and society continues to progress and deepen in our communities. One step of actions towards this effort gives our people hope and determination that our country is indeed progressing well into the future of a better life, no matter the difficulties of the moment. 

I am inspired as well as our people are by the grit and determination of the crew of the Alexforbes ArchAngel who are about to compete in the Cape2Rio yacht race which is set to start on 02 January 2023. This group of young black South Africans is the first complete crew from townships across Cape Town to attempt this iconic race. 

The crew is Skipper Sibusiso Sizatu, First mate Daniel Agulhas, Justin Peters, Azile Arosi & Renaldo Mohale. They come from Masiphumele, Khayelitsha, Grassy Park and Athlone, these are townships of Cape Town in the Western Cape.

All were born without privilege, but with the determination, tenacity, discipline, commitment and the professional training provided by the Royal Cape Yacht Club Academy, they are making more than waves – they are making an impact. 

They serve as an example to all of us (and especially our youth) that with the right support, anything is possible. I wish them fair winds as they navigate their course towards making history – South Africa is behind you all the way.

You are the inspiration to our country. 

Issued by the South African National Department of Sport, Arts and Culture
It takes true leadership to captain a crew on a journey as arduous as the Cape2Rio race, but Sibusiso Sizatu embodies integrity and stability. Like the rudder which will guide the #AlexforbesArchAngel onwards towards its destination, the crew have a force to be reckoned with at the helm.
The #AlexforbesArchAngel crew have received heroes welcome upon arriving back on South African soil - and rightly so, after their tremendous feat. Skipper Sibusiso Sizatu and crew member Azile Arosi were invited onto Cape Talk, where they recalled their experience on the ocean with host, Pippa Hudson. Be sure to visit Cape Talk's website to listen to the insightful interview.
The #AlexforbesArchAngel crew were recently interviewed on SABC 3's Expresso Morning Show. We are so proud of these heroes in the making, and we can't wait to see them embark on the 50th Cape2Rio race in 7 weeks' time.
As the #AlexforbesArchAngel crew well knows, there are some circumstances that you just aren't able to predict. This applies just as easily to investing and saving towards retirement, since the market can be as unpredictable as the ocean sometimes. Request a callback and let one of our advisors help you navigate.
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