It’s about connection.

Alexforbes is no stranger to competition - investment markets are fast-moving and it takes a motivated investor to successfully navigate them.

But anyone can invest. At Alexforbes, we recognise what truly makes us human, what fills us with purpose and prompts us to strive forward. It’s connection – we’re better as company, as a nation and as a human race when we’re able to work with and alongside one another.

Our involvement in this project may have you wondering why we’d do something like this. Simply put, it moved us.

The work that the RCYC Sailing Academy is doing is truly inspirational and we wanted to give their work the exposure it deserves. We’re already proud of the crew for their progress and cannot wait to see and be a part of their journey once they set sail.

We would love to connect with you as well, as we believe everyone deserves the right to a better tomorrow. Our impactful insights and advice can help you achieve that.